News | Regarding eclipse and attendance:

Regarding eclipse and attendance:

Monday, April 8th, Florida will experience a partial Solar Eclipse.
The partial eclipse will occur in the afternoon on Monday, between the hours of 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm.
All outdoor activities scheduled between 1 and 5 will be moved indoors or canceled in an abundance of caution. Watch for communications from your specific coaches or club sponsors.
Since  the eclipse will conflict with school dismissal times, students will be outside during the eclipse without proper eye protection. Teachers will remind students not to look up, but the school requests that you please take a moment to speak to your students about the possible risk of looking directly at the eclipse without proper eye protection.
If you would like to check your children out early, in order to take advantage of the opportunities that viewing the eclipse provides, all absences after 12 o’clock are excused for Monday. If you are traveling to view the eclipse and your student will be missing the entire day or multiple days, the absences will not be excused. However, if your student does not have chronic absences and is able to make up their work, we do encourage the experience. Please just check to make sure that your student will not be missing any state standardized testing.
Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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