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Feild Trip Shirts

Hey Lightning Bolt Families!
All grade levels take at least two (sometimes quite a few more) field trips each year. We have a required dress code when we take field trips, color coding the students for easy identification.
We’ve designed these grade level field trip shirts for this year’s trips, and they are mandatory for students who wish to participate in trips this year. We are only making them available for two weeks, so please order yours now. Please make sure to purchase the correct shirt per the grade that the student is currently in and include the name of the student as the purchaser to ensure the student receives the shirt if you’re shipping to school.
Two hours of volunteer service per shirt awarded.
Shipping to your home does cost more than shipping to the school.
If you made a purchase on the first link that was sent out on Saturday, the sale was canceled, and that will be refunded to you.







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